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Longing For A Land

The Story of a Persian Woman’s Individuation in America

“When you immigrate into a new culture and assimilate, you essentially become a grafted tree.” — Azarm Ghareman

Dr. Ghareman speaks from the authority of experiencing both pain and healing as one of millions uprooted from her homeland and culture, not necessarily by choice. In this anecdotal and poetic conversation, she invites us to share her personal psychological pilgrimage as she reconnects with her Persian heritage.

With a unique perspective on cultural individuation which comes from her background as a psychologist, educator, and translator of Persian poetry, she offers her story as a gift to anyone living in diaspora. This book speaks to all those seeking a nourishing sense of home and connection.

Published in 2005 – Currently unavailable for purchase

Soul of World, Soul of Word

Persian Poets make an offering to the west

In 2003, Azarm Ghareman translated a collection of her favorite mystical Persian poems into English and accompanied the book with a CD recording of the poems in Farsi – a language unfamiliar to most Americans.

She writes:
In the absence of conceptual understanding we can
encounter these words sensuously, with a knowing that lives
not in the mind, but in the body. Indeed, it is the ability to
feel where words that live in the poetic voice come from that
returns us to an awareness that all of our knowing and naming
of the world ultimately rises and falls back into an eternal and
fathomless silence. Soul of world gives birth to itself in soul of

Soul of World, Soul of Word is a personal invocation of the author with her cultural heritage.

Published in 2003 – Currently unavailable for purchase