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Ancient Pearls of Wisdom:

Learning the Language of Inner Voice

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I have a confession to make.

For nearly 48 years I’ve felt a quiet guilt within me for not having shared the vicissitudes of life with my compatriots in Iran. I left in 1977. I wasn’t there to see how oppressive daily life had become for millions of people; how women were deprived of the basic dignity to shape their own future; how innocent minds became blank slates to be shaped as others wished.

In contrast, I have had complete freedom to read, write, and watch anything that I have wanted. As you will read in the following pages, I have been able to obtain a fine education here in America and grow. Not a day has gone by without me expressing gratitude for this freedom and the fact that no one can control my thoughts and conduct. Not a day has gone by either that I have not been aware of the millions of brothers and sisters who don’t have such opportunities. What do I do for them with the gifts of my freedom?

In 2023, when I saw how the voices crying for freedom were brutally crushed in Iran, I vowed that one way or another I would share some of the bounty I have harvested from this land with all those I had to leave behind. From far away, I have tried and will continue to stay connected to the ancient roots of my language and spiritual heritage. I want to share my discoveries with my compatriots hoping that my journey can encourage them to make a similar effort.

This book is also a sincere show of gratitude for the freedoms and opportunities that America has given me. It is my way of paying my debt to life.

Foreword by John Lundgren, MD

This book is for the individual who is drawn to the inner meaning, image, poetry, and the song embedded in a word. Psychotherapists, linguists, immigrants, especially Iranian immigrants, and anyone seeking a path of discovery of one’s mother tongue will find reading this book an enriching and rewarding experience.

Dr. Ghareman invites us into her active meditation back to her ancient roots found in her interpretation of the sacred texts of the Gāthā, thus reaching back at least 3,500 years to the beginning of written Indo-European language and its evolution into present Farsi, the spoken language of her country of origin, Iran.

She meditates – dreams– her way into a word to experience how language becomes an inner vehicle for transcendence towards the Unknowable Center. In sharing her journey with us, she shows respect and hospitality for readers of different background by providing careful and succinct “listening posts” as her story unfolds. This enlarges and grounds the concepts she introduces, for example when she talks about Jung. Her writing flows in a simple and playful style, especially as she weaves metaphors throughout the text, but all along she is presenting complex and serious topics and making them accessible to us.

She explores her experience of a primal dialectic, the continual movement between our conscious, literal world of objects and Western language and the inner journey to illuminate the psyche by her embrace of and dreaming the ancient text of the Gāthā, the songs and meditations of Zártosht.

As she meditates on a word in the Avesta language, the earliest rendering of the Gāthā, she engages the ancient language of Zártosht and lets it reverberate in her unconscious, a secret light of illumination, of Wisdom emerges. She draws from the meditation on a Farsi word, down and into the ancient meaning and illuminations that reach for but never quite reach the center of the mandala formed by concentric circles. The innermost Center of the circle cannot be known, only sought for. Carefully, she holds the nascent enlightenment, resisting the Western temptation to give it a definition, locate it in a religion and confer an explanation of interpretation. Thus, language for her is a living illumination that seeks transcendence.

In this work, the author explicitly sets apart her journey of the inner expression of transcendent discovery from religion. Her journey carefully frees the essence, the ONE, from “shackles of concrete religion, metaphysics, and the cultural bias” to reveal the timeless essence captured by the meditative path similar to that of The Secret of the Golden Flower. This book is grounded on the meditative exercise on the spiritual soul and primordial spirit in contrast to the material (concrete) sound.

You are invited to journey with and toward your mother tongue and experience the realizations, transcendence and wisdom of your origins.

Listen to one of her poems from the book.